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Welcome to the Pamunkey Indian Tribe Artist Directory, your curated gateway to enrolled Pamunkey Artists. Discover and connect directly with certified Pamunkey Artists, whether you're a business, organization, or fellow artist, our directory makes it easy to find and connect with our artist community. Each artist has one or more genres that they work within. Please contact artists directly for inquiries.

The Pamunkey Indian Tribe does not represent or endorse the artists listed under the Artist Directory. The artists have been vetted and are verified as enrolled Pamunkey Tribal Citizens. The artists represent themselves and any commissions or contracts with the artists are not the liability of the Pamunkey Indian Tribe.

Allyson Gray

Art Medium: Pottery

Instagram: @agrayartwork

Russell James

Art Medium: Author, Songwriter, Musician


Austin Alfonso

Art Medium: Wire Wrap Jewelry

Gordon Atkinson

Art Medium: Pottery & Gourd Art

Jennifer Dixon

Art Medium: Beadwork Jewelry & Pottery

Instagram: @waterlily_indigenous_art

Yvonne Goad

Art Medium: Painted/Carved Gourds

Facebook: Gourds4All

Desiree Nuckols

Art Medium: Beadwork/Jewelry

Instagram: @risingtidebeadwork

April Deacy

Art Medium: Multiple

Ethan Brown

Art Medium: Gourd Art/Multiple